Psalm Releases Powerful New Video ‘The Devil Is My Neighbor’s Friend’

“All of this pressure, it’s gonna get us in the end.

Cause everywhere I turn it seems the Devil is my neighbor’s friend…”

Have you ever felt like the whole world is going to hell? Like you are a spectator watching from the sidelines as everybody around you races towards a fate of certain self-destruction?

The world is growing darker and darker by the year, with our overall moral compass becoming more and more skewed. The truth seems less obvious now than ever before, and our future is more uncertain than we’ve ever known.

Where do we turn in these dark times? Hopefully we have the spiritual insight to trust in God… But how do we do that? Do we sit in our bunkers and wait silently for God to come down and take us out of this equation? Are we judging our neighbors from a safe distance, rather than getting dangerously close and loving them? I do not believe that judging others is my calling, and I don’t believe it is the way to heal this world. So what is?

God has called us to be the light in this world. God has called us to be the messengers of His good news. God does not want the world to influence us, but he does not want us to be entirely shielded and protected from the world. God wants us on the frontline.

So, if the world around you is full of wickedness, then you must be the loud, righteous example that does not accommodate, nor condemn. It is through our example that this world will, or won’t, see Jesus. Will your neighbor see Him in you?

“It might get better, we could change how it ends,

If we turn our backs on Satan and we try to be our neighbor’s friends.”

See the video here:

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