Ramen Garcia, aka Ray G, was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho. The product of a broken home, Ray’s childhood years saw his biological father in and out of prison and his mother searching for love in abusive, dead-end relationships.

Young Ramen never accepted any man his mother tried to place into the ‘father’ role, and had an angry and painful awareness of his real father being absent during the formidable years of his adolescence. It was in part due to this lack of paternal nurturing that led Ray G to the streets.

Ray G developed a love for West Coast Gangster Rap early on, drawing influence from artists such as 2-Pac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and WestSide Connection. After being influenced and encouraged by one of his step brothers, Ray G began making hip-hop music at a young age, and by the time he was 17 years old he was releasing mixtapes and performing at local shows across Caldwell and the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle that Ray portrayed and emulated was one of negativity and self-idolatry. It never bore him any positive fruit; on the contrary, Ray G’s lifestyle began to decline further and further into negativity and iniquity.

In 2009, God intervened. Ramen Garcia found himself a broken man, lying at the rock bottom of his life’s journey. Seeking answers to the hard questions that he now found himself confronted with, Ray connected with a local church, where the right sermon at the right time changed his life.  He was also greatly inspired by the powerful and relatable messages he was hearing for the first time through the album ‘Rebel’, by popular CHH artist Lecrae. Ray G gave himself over to Jesus Christ, and the changes began taking place.

Years later, Ray G is a changed man indeed. Now happily married and a father of 3 children, Ray still makes Hip-hop music. But the messages in his lyrics today are vastly different than the topics from his old material. Ray G now uses his music to encourage and inspire those around him, and to glorify the God who changed his life. Over the course of his ministry, he has worked with the likes of Bizzle, Sevin, Datin, Gawvi, Thisl, and Eshon Burgundy.

Ray G has released several albums and mixtapes to the CHH underground, and is currently working on a full length LP release under the non-profit christian label Ministry Muzik.