Jaime Campos, aka JFlight, is no stranger to the dark side. An Idaho-native, he grew up making poor decisions that all-too-often led to poor consequences. Influenced by the gang activity of his older brother, Jaime’s life consisted of drug abuse and criminal behavior with delinquent friends. He had  a deep love for Hip-hop music, and was ultimately influenced by the negative messages portrayed in the songs of his idols.

In 2006, Jaime checked himself into a recovery program, after fighting a losing battle with addiction. It was in this program that Jaime met God. His life was turned upside down as he came to know the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. As part of his recovery process, Jaime was asked to discard his Hip-hop collection, as the lifestyles portrayed in the music could trigger and encourage relapse behavior. It wasn’t until some years later that God would bring Hip-hop back into Jaime’s life, in a powerful way.

Clean and sober, Jaime began looking for ways that he could give back, and minister God’s goodness to the world around him. He was soon led to Hip-hop music production, and it wasn’t long before Jaime was releasing his music in the form of digital singles, and performing at shows and church gatherings across his area.

Teaming up with like-minded individuals from his area, Jaime started The Net Work, a non-profit Christian Hip-Hop organization, dedicated to blessing the community through music and philanthropic efforts. It is in this context that he has coordinated and promoted successful Hip-Hop ministry events across Idaho for the last 4 to 5 years, partnering with local and regional churches and ministries.He also became the Official Idaho Hog Mob representative. Jaime has worked closely with Sevin, Puntin, Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy, Thisl, Datin, Illuminate, Faith Pettis, MC Blvd, KJ-52, GAWVI and others to bring their message to the Idaho area.

Jaime joined and helped to facilitate the growth of Ministry Muzik, a local non-profit christian-based record label and ministry effort. It is with this team that he is currently working on compiling his debut LP release, under the moniker JFlight. He hopes that the project will help to spread the word of God to the hip hop community, and reach those who are hurting and looking for a better way.