DAV1D, born David Moore, is a christian hip hop artist based out of Boise, Idaho. Having been raised in a broken home and ending up in prison as a young adult, he is no stranger to the dark side.

While David’s mother attended church regularly and often had him involved in activities such as summer sports and church camps, his father was addicted to drugs and abusive, and exposed David early to vices and iniquity that would later define him.

It didn’t take long for young David to follow in his father’s footsteps. In his early teenage years, he turned his back on the Godly instruction of his mother, and began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Once an over-achiever in school, David was now the trouble-maker, if he showed up at all. His lifestyle grew more and more reckless as he began to associate himself with the ‘bad kids’.

Searching for meaning and purpose, David soon found his place in the local hip-hop scene. He excelled at the craft, and was performing shows by the age of 16. He would go on to collaborate and perform with local and national secular hip-hop artists, including Tech N9ne, Young Buck, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Dizzy Wright and others.

David soon began to see some regional success under the moniker Known. After a brief stint in audio school, he set up a home recording studio and went on to record several independent mixtapes, further building his reputation as an MC.

While the aspiring artist was very talented in his craft and began turning heads at an impressive rate, his criminal lifestyle ultimately prevented David from being able to seriously pursue his career in the hip-hop world. He got his first drug charge at the age of 17, and eventually served two separate back-to-back prison sentences, for drug trafficking and weapons charges.

It was during David’s second prison sentence that he gave his life back to the God his mother had introduced him to so many years ago. He began forming relationships with others who encouraged him in his spiritual walk, and, as he puts it, “spent time in constant prayer”. David found inspiration and comfort in the lyrics of several christian artists, and asked God to one day qualify and give him the tools to reach others who were lost and hurting.

The second time David was released from prison, he was determined to make it his last. He followed through on the commitments he had made to God, by getting involved in a local church, and turning his back once and for all on the old habits and lifestyles that had held him captive for so many years.

Taking time away from making music to strengthen his walk and to encourage others, David soon got plugged into high school ministry with his church, and also began counseling others who were struggling in life. Drawing from his own experiences, God gave David the opportunity to strengthen and inspire those around him who suffered from various afflictions.

In 2017 David teamed up with Ministry Muzik, and he is currently working on his debut project under his new moniker, DAV1D. He hopes to be able to bless others with his story, and to further shine a light into the darkened mission field that is hip-hop music.