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Ministry Goalz

There is much to be done at the Mafubira Child Outreach Center. Forgive us for being ambitious, but we believe we can acccomplish all of it and more! Since taking on the orphanage in late 2019, we have been able to successfully secure funding in the amount of $500.00 per month. This amount meets some of the needs of the orphanage, but certainly not all of them.

Below is an overview of our goals for the ministry going forward:

Unmet Goals

Pay Off the Land ($9000)

Having paid $10,500 thus far, the orphanage currently owes approximately $9000 on the 2 acre property they are currently dwelling on. We seek to secure funding to finish paying off this land, so that we can begin outlining the construction of a proper facility.

To accomplish this, we hope to raise $9000 in donations in 2021.

Daily Provisions ($500 monthly)

The Mafubira Child Outreach Center currently receives $500 a month, which goes towards necessities such as food, water and hygiene. With over 50 women and children at the orphanage, we would like to see this monthly amount double. This would cover educational and medical supplies and other financial necessities at the orphanage.

In light of this, we are seeking to secure an additional $500 per month in donations.

Met Goals

Drill a Well ($3000)

The cost of a borehole dug in Jinja, Uganda ranges from $3000 to $7000. Because we were able to secure some connections in the area, we will be able to get this done for the lower figure.

One of our main objectives for 2021 is securing the funding to make this happen.

Daily Provisions ($500 monthly)

$500 per month will meet the dietary and hygiene needs of every woman and child at the Mafubira Child Outreach Center.

We hope to secure this monthly funding amount to ensure the health and vitality of the children at the orphanage.

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